Colorado Press Women Notes

I'm packing up my tech gear for a presentation this morning at the Colorado Press Women's spring event in Golden, Colorado. My topic will be "A Non-Technical Tour of Today's Internet." I plan to make a video on the spot and post it to Other stops will be the iTunes Store, Flickr, Google Reader and Alerts, Seesmic (if there's time) and maybe Second Life, though my wife's admonition was "Forget it," on that one. "Isn't one life enough?"

I've tagged the places we'll go on the tour here.

UPDATE: Here is a recording of my presentation this morning before the Colorado Press Women. I turned the Edirol R-09 on in the middle of Ann Lockhart's introduction and left it on till the end. It was a great audience, and the women treated me to a fine lunch afterward. To show how easy it is to put video content on the Internet, I created this clip with the help of Anne Subart, a member of the Press Women.

Preceding me on the program was Chris Lopez, communications director for the Democratic National Convention in Denver this August. He pointed out that the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee has a podcast section of its web site. He also announced that one blogger per state has been chosen to sit with their delegations during the convention, along with six at-large bloggers. They were notified last week, but the list is not available on the web yet.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hooked on Keith Burtis

My Twitter friend Keith Burtis, a woodturning artist from the Buffalo, New York, area, spent some quality time with my Audio Pod Chronicles podcasts and today posted a glowing blog post about them. Much appreciated!

By a circuitous route, Keith found me some time ago, asking for ideas on how to use the Internet to promote his art, and we've been in touch from time to time. I've seldom seen someone take to these social network waters as enthusiastically as Keith has. Much of his forward motion and growing network comes from his generosity, which I certainly felt today. Good on ya, friend!

The angling scene is from Keith's Flickr site, which also has fine photos of his woodworking creations.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

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